Extreme Makeover

Senoir citizen and published author 62 year old Judith Weldon talks about winning an extreme makeover. Winner of the Indianapolis Woman 2005 Dream Makeover contest, read Judith's feelings on the changes in her life after a recent (May 16,) facelift with and estimated value of $20.000.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Visits from the Pain Fairy

Facelifts aren't for whimps. When I woke up in the recovery room my first thoughts were of pain. The heavy head compress was to say the least unconfortable. I believe most of the pain I felt came from my ears. As much as it hurt it felt that much better the next morning when the bandagaes were removed before I went home.

It has been over a month and I'm still sleeping in a recliner because my ears are sensitive. Everyone has a different pain threshold and I'm not one to suffer in silence.

My eyes were swollen to the point where I was looking out of tiny slits. My surgeron told me I did not have abnormal swelling and I didn't look too bad. A hand mirrior was placed in front of me to show the results of my recent face surgery. Feeling bad and barely able to see I deceided to take her word for it.

I do rmember she told me my chin would get a touch-up later. I will dicuss the chinney chopper at a later date. At this point I will tell you that this surgery was my option and next to giving birth to my daughter the most rewarding. Just as you forget the pain of childbirth the "Pain Fairy" flies away in the days ahead. Till that day I just closed my eyes and visualized the pretty new me.

What next, and old friend by the name of "Disconfort" comes for a visit. Hey, I'm a 62 year old woman who remembers having to wear a garter belt to hold my hose up. "Mr. Discomfort" I can handle you with one arm tied behind my back.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Senoir Citizen Wins Extreme Makeover

I stared in the mirror on the sixth day after my surgery. The wrinkles, bags and sags my 62 year old face had accumulated were no where insight. The reality of my new image blew me away. Even with the stiches and swollen features, I looked twenty years younger and my transformation was just beginning. In a few weeks my dental renovation would start followed by a revamp of my body, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

My name is Judith Weldon and I am the winner of the "Indianapolis Woman 2005 Dream Makeover contest. In the next few months my cosmetic progress will be featured in the magazine starting with the announcement in the June issue. On the stands now, (page 27) or go to (www.indianapoliswoman.com) I will be featured on the Septtember cover.

In the weeks to come I will write more about my experiences and how it feels to have a facelift. The one thought I well leave you with today is my strong belief that "facelifts aren't for whimps."